First Steps – The Essentials

As was pointed out at the beginning of the process, building a business is the same as building anything. Even if you are Yoda or the Hulk, you will need some tools and some help.

The tools include:

The help comes from:

  • Spencer Forman at and his merry band of experts. Joining is inexpensive and well worth the money and the support we get is second to none. They offer excellent advice, they respond quickly, and they are just plain nice. This is the place to start to get the “Full Monty” about how to set up your business. Spencer has a multitude of delightful videos that explain everything.
  • MDD Hosting. Support which is also excellent and quick.
  • forums. There are literally millions of wordpress users out there who are willing to help.
  • And last, but not least, there is this website, which does have some good suggestions, we hope, based on our own experience and trials and tribulations. And we know all about the trouble with tribulations.

Other resources:

Reseller Hosting

Domain Name Hosts


Later, there are other helpful

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